FD Utah 2023

Feal the heat in qualifying

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to SEND IT, Race weekend is upon us, and qualifying has come to a close. The young Norwegian absolutely showed out on Thursday night at Utah Motorsports Campus, Grantsville, UT. Simen Proved that he belongs Right where he stands among the top 5 drivers. He threw the Feal Suspension Nissan S 14.9 in hard and stayed heavy on the throttle throughout his run. This is what the judges will be looking for to give out those x factor points, and Simen got them, collecting 4.66 of them, second only to the great James Deane. Simen was the only driver able to crack the RTR stronghold placing 2nd in qualifying between James Deane and Chelsea DeNofa each in their own Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD. Simen will face off against Nick Noback in his Noback Racing BMW E46 in the 1st round to start off his day on Saturday. Tune in to see what will hopefully be Simen’s first event win.

Simen pushes to the top 3 in tough battles

What a wild ride this weekend was! Simen showed up big time this past weekend having to fight the hard fight each step of the way. Round one Simen laid down two beautiful runs, enough to knock out a hungry Nick Noback. From here, every run moving forward would be a test. In the round of 16 Simen had a huge test to his skills, both physical and mental, his opponent? Aurimas Bakchis, his teammate and Feal Suspension team owner. After going at it Simen came out victorious and sent the man who build his car out of the event. It appears that the padawan has overtaken his master. This pushed Simen into the top 8 where he would face off against Trenton Beechum in his Nexen Tire Clonex Racing BMW. Simen again laid down beautifully robotic runs, advancing him again to the Semi-Finals and Securing a minimum 3rd place finish. Here he faced off against the current points leader Chelsea DeNofa. This was a hard-fought battle but is eventually where Simen was knocked out for the day. Chelsea went on to win the event and Simen landed in 3rd. These standings put Simen in the TOP 3 drivers heading into the final event of the season. We will see you then, Oct 13th-14th in Irwindale, California, where we will have all of your updates.